Dropping ;_;

Yup, just what it says... Bridget as a character doesn't do well with sitting back and watching the tides, she needs worlds to save and people to order around, so I'm letting her fly into the whirlpool out of boredom and vanish.;

Aaaand I had three major appliances crap out on me in the last week, so no laundry or hot showers for me until I get that taken care of, which is another reason to drop Bridget. I'll be back in a few weeks probably with a less demanding character from my arsenal!!
blackbolt: aww not again

Drop 8(

fffff I hate to be typing this, but here we go.

I'm dropping. I've been here... well, not as long as some of you, BUT A LONG TIME, and Rivelata has this special little place in the cold, dark, cockles of my heart. It was my first real RP game. ;_____; It was even the connections I made here that got me to the university I'm currently in! Which sounds weird, but. Well. Life is weird.

Anyway. I love you guys forever and ever, I'm very sorry, and I'll still be around if anyone wants to talk. ♥ I'm the p0rn nun on AIM, buttadventure on Plurk, and, obviously, this is my personal journal. Feel free to add me anywhere!

Going with me are...
Carrie Kelley/Robin/the last remaining tight-wearer/girlyboywonder. She's leaving her grappling gun for Hiccup.
Jan Valentine/that vampire guy/Rivelata's resident asshole troll (promoting Karkat to that position in Jan's absence)/bitchin_beanie. He's leaving Junkhouse Ramen to Nill and Jack and all his guns to War.
Randall Flagg/the guy who would have been bad news if he'd stuck around/darkhilarity, who is taking ALL HIS EARTHLY POSSESSIONS WITH HIM FUCK YOU GUYS.
Also the NPC, Captain Siri/rivecaptain, but who cares about that bitch.
All of them will be disappearing.

IT'S BEEN FUN. I LOVE YOU GUYS. See you on the flip side.

- Liz
seeing dead people is easy ♪


I was hoping to break my apparent inability to play in multiple games at once by joining you cool cats, but unfortunately it doesn't look like it's working out. It was fun for the short time I was here, and I'm sorry I didn't get to play with more of you >:

let's try this again...

S-so hey!

My name's Alicia and I'm very new to this whole thing. This is my first time doing anything remotely like this so please be kind. D:

Liz, Ele and Lilly have been bugging me about apping here for like a year and a half and I finally got around to it.

I'll be playing Karkat Vantas from Homestuck. If you are not familiar with this, it's a webcomic that is pretty much the most amazing, mind melting things you will ever read:
Seriously though, you should read it.

Anywho, Karkat is pretty much the most foul-mouthed, angry little guy ever. Seriously. He hates you. It doesn't matter how much he knows you, he still hates you. So feel free to throw anyone at him, and he will be glad to throw insults right back.

I guess that's it D: Uhh...so, hi!
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It's time for Rivelata's monthly activity check.


After some discussion, we've decided to, for now, take the Activity Check out of Rivelata's set up. With as small a game as this currently is, we felt the AC was detrimental to gameplay rather than encouraging of it. If people don't have time or motivation to play for a while, we would much prefer you take a break and collect yourself rather than drop all together. This is the first step to making this a much more relaxed, laid back game. Rivelata is not closing, but it is slowing down. This is to reflect that change, and hopefully take the pressure off of anyone feeling like they have to post or be dropped. Additionally, it's no longer required that you post a hiatus to the hiatus/drop page -- but it's still polite to let the rest of us know when you're going to be busy via OOC Comm!

The next process to be revamped is the applications, so watch for that. ♥

Feel free to post any comments or questions here!

- Liz, on behalf of the moderators
How could this have happened?

Sayonara bye bye

Due to school, stupid personal issues that come from me being a weak person, and overall waning interest in rping, I'm dropping Kuwabara. Voices (of almost all my muses, including Kuwa) don't come to me anymore, unless they are the kind that berate me and tell me that I'm stupid (i.e. I am weak).

I am so sorry, since this is the second time it happened. Sorry everyone, especially Amanda. :/

My application for Zevran is partially done, but I am having difficulty and doubts on filling it out accurately, so he may or may not be apped. If any of you folks are familiar with Dragon Age, any helpful advice would be helpful.

Otherwise...bye. :(

Sorry about this guys...

I've been out of the picture for a while trying to get everything together, but I think my muses have gone pretty much dead silent and I can't get the motivation to think of anything for them.

I'll probably be back withing the next couple months and feel silly for leaving, but since I know I won't be playing enough to get them past this month, I'm gonna be dropping Marcus, Boba, and Sylar.

If anyone wants to play anything out with any of them just let me know, otherwise I'll probably have them vanish into the jungle.